Aim to get better - everyday.

Personal Fitness Hammig

I came to personal training and nutritional advice through my own 'fight against being overweight' and the desire not to sweat for hours in the gym. 
I have been looking for a way to train when and where I want - independent of location and opening hours. 
And now I want to make this way accessible to you with my online personal training. 

In the beginning, losing weight and reaching a certain number on the scale was my top priority. In the meantime 20kg are gone, I was able to reduce my body fat percentage massively and build up muscles - I have not yet reached my goal, but I am moving towards it every day! 

Over the course of time, my focus on fitness has changed a lot: 
I have realized that fitness is not only a means to the goal of losing weight! 
For me fitness is: 

  • Compensation for everyday stress
  • surpassing oneself time and again
  • becoming stronger every day - physically and mentally - in order to cope with our stressful everyday life without harm
  • Appreciating what our bodies are capable of
  • The possibility to become and remain efficient

Through regular, well-planned training, I have been able to build strength and also endurance that I never thought I would have. 
Besides the Tough Mudder I also ran the X-Letix and the Muddy Angel Run. In 2019 the first obstacle runs with dog (Camp Canis & StrongDog) have been added.
I run canicross with my dogs, do strength and endurance training 3 to 4 times a week and also like to do yoga - and all this despite a busy schedule!
Too long and insufficiently planned training sessions, inappropriate training times and locations are the biggest obstacles to establishing a healthier lifestyle - all these factors can be eliminated with individual Online Personal Training.

My philosophy

With my online personal training I want to help women find time for fitness training and healthy nutrition despite an often stressful everyday life. Thereby an individual training adapted to the goals and the available time plays a big role. With my Online Personal Training I can offer my help independent of location and time. This contributes to the fact that training with me becomes a further stress factor.

My focus is on your goals of losing weight and building strength to make you more efficient for your stressful everyday life. I understand very well what it means to have a stressful everyday life and I would like to make a difference in your life and show you how it is to live a fitter and more stress-resistant life.
And that far away from the media beauty ideals.

I want to help you feel good all around - no matter how it looks like to you

Online Personal Training
Die Feel-Good-Manager Nero & Loki

My Feel-Good-Manager

ensure sufficient relaxation, variety and exercise when I sit in the office to prepare your training plans. 

And Nero (left) and Loki (right) also make a great training partner for all my Canicross runs.